Maker Night at iLab

With the first Physical Computing class ever taught in Liberia coming to a close, my students began to quickly finish their final Arduino-based projects. In honor of their hard work and creativity, we opened the doors to the iLab and hosted a public Maker Night so the students could present and show off their accomplishment […]


Python Programming

After six amazing weeks of teaching Python programming, my students really finished strong! We had a great final class on yesterday and I was excited to award so many certificates to the students who persevered through the Beginner and Intermediate Python courses. They have really done some great work and I was happy to see […]


Python for Girls

While teaching in Liberia, I had the remarkable opportunity to teach a newly created course called “Python for Girls”. As part of a Google-sponsored program to encourage young women to explore technology and computers, 15 young women were selected to participate in a Python class that I would teach. It was truly a great experience […]


Saturday Outing

Classes this week in the iLab were intense! I had a bit of overlap between my first 3 weeks’ classes and the new block of classes, so in total I taught Intermediate Python, Physical Computing, Python for Girls and Photography. It ended up being over 20 hours of lecture time alone. Nevertheless, I was glad […]


Photography Walk

This afternoon, I met with several of my photography students for a photo walk in downtown Monrovia. The idea behind the photo walk is that given the small number of DLSR cameras we have access to, we can all meet together and I can give practical instruction in photography to supplement our classroom discussions. Five […]


Pressing On

This week has been particularly busy as we have picked up the pace in Physical Computing. We have begun our first truly interactive projects on the Arduino and the students are showing a great knack for building circuits. They are picking up the programming language remarkably well, considering many have never had any experience with […]


Photography in the City

Today I met up with a good friend, Timothy, for an afternoon of walking around and taking photos in downtown Monrovia. Timothy is taking both my Physical Computing and Intro to Photography courses at the iLab and asked me over the weekend if I’d be interested in going downtown and shooting some photos. I jumped […]


Sunny Sunday

I thought I was off the hook this morning when I woke up and saw a nice thin blanket of clouds spread across the sky blocking the sun. I was particularly hopeful for a break from the heat considering the long walk I had to make it out to church this morning. Nevertheless, this is […]

photo 3

Evening Storm

After a successful day of teaching the first sessions of Physical Computing and Beginner Python, it’s finally time to take a break, grab some great food and sit on the back porch and watch a storm roll in from the Atlantic. Teemu (the iLab Director) and I enjoyed some catered food that was brought in […]


Unification Day

Today was Unification Day, a national holiday in Liberia. Many of the shops around Monrovia were closed so that people could spend time with their families, so I decided to use the free time to continue preparing for the courses that will be starting tomorrow. After a while, I decided it would be nice to […]